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This is how the looting of the Blasco family to the Valencian public health was uncovered: an accurate breath and eight years of instruction

“Investigate the company Tamazula SL”. In April 2014, just over a year before the regional elections that the PP would lose after two decades in the Palau de la Generalitat, the phone of the Esquerra Unida parliamentary group rang in the Corts Valencianes. On the other side of the telephone wire, a man who claimed to be a businessman passed a tip as a revenge against the Blasco family. Pulling the thread, the formation filed a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office that broke down an alleged corruption plot led by Sergio Blasco Perepérez, nephew of the corrupt former minister convicted of stealing public funds from Valencian cooperation.

The Police detect that the plot of the looting of the Valencian health system paid Rafael Blasco’s nephew a one-day trip to Panama

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Sergio Blasco, a law graduate from the University of Valencia, was financial director of the Provincial Hospital of Valencia between 1997 and 2001 and manager between 2002 and 2014. He is married to Deborah Salom Císcar, daughter of the first marriage of Consuelo Císcar, former director of the Institute Valenciano de Arte Moderno (IVAM) convicted of corruption and wife of Rafael Blasco. He is part of the second generation of a family, originally from Alzira, which has held enormous power in Valencian politics and whose career has ended up bogged down in numerous corruption cases.

The data from the Mercantile Registry showed that the company Tamazula SL, an instrumental company without employees and dedicated to the sale and operation of all kinds of farms, appeared in the middle of a network of companies with two different profiles: real firms that had received up to 35 million euros in adjudications of the Provincial Hospital of Valencia and companies without any activity.

The visible companies (Out Log SL, Kanbanlog SL and Connectall System SL) share Miguel Sanfélix, a businessman in the health sector, as administrator. However, half the shareholding of Out Log SL belongs to Maintenance Paesvi SL, whose sole administrator and shareholder is a childhood friend from Alzira of the manager of the Provincial Hospital of Valencia: Francisco José Escandell Vila. The latter also appears as administrator of other awardee companies (Cyomed Levante SL and Maintenance Integral Turia SL, domiciled in Xirivella and Mislata).

Francisco José Escandell Vila was also listed as a former shareholder of Corporación Sociosanitaria del Mediterráneo SL, a company acquired by Francisco José Blasco Perepérez. The brother of the manager of the Provincial Hospital of Valencia, also prosecuted in the ‘Osvaldos case’, appeared as a shareholder of other companies (Estudios y Proyectos Sociosanitarias Xúquer SL and Sanygestion 2012 SL) in which a new member of the family emerges: Francesc Blasco Tello, Sergio’s nephew.

Although the structure of the network of companies (some that receive the awards and others from the Blasco family, all joined by Francisco José Escandell Vila) was already suspicious, some data was missing to confirm a more solid link. An academic paper by Francesc Blasco Tello, carried out for his degree in business administration and management at the Universitat Politècnica de València, underpinned the suspicions almost by chance.

The document dealt with the implementation of a quality management system in the firm Out Log SL (the one that obtained the most public awards) and included a list of the company’s suppliers. The academic work indicated that Corporación Sociosanitaria del Mediterráneo SL (owned by Sergio Blasco’s brother) was a supplier of Out Log SL.

In conclusion: companies that had received million-dollar public awards from the General Hospital of Valencia were linked to other companies linked to the family of the manager who signed the public contracts for the health center. The investigation of the ‘Osvaldos case’, which has lasted for eight years, has confirmed that the network of companies served to channel “illicit profits” and the “collection of commissions” of the millionaire awards.

The international branch in Peru and Equatorial Guinea

After the first complaint to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, there were more tips. Other deep throats revealed that Sergio Blasco had piloted the construction of two private hospitals in Peru with an investment of 100 million dollars, thanks to a compatibility clause granted by the Generalitat Valenciana in his senior management contract, which allowed him to carry out “collaborations abroad outside Spanish territory”.

In a document posted on the website of the Congress of the Republic of Peru, Sergio Blasco was listed as a “representative” of the companies dedicated to the construction of the Callao and Villa María del Triunfo hospitals in Lima. A consortium of Spanish firms, all awarded the Provincial Hospital of Valencia, was in charge of the project in Peru.

In addition, an expansion of the complaint by Esquerra Unida before the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office outlined other projects in Equatorial Guinea and Angola, linked to Sergio Blasco. All the international operations of the alleged plot exported the public-private health model that the PP put together in the Generalitat Valenciana.

Revolving door in the Dominican Republic

However, that piece of the ‘Osvaldos case’ was archived. Four months after his resignation in 2014, Rafael Blasco’s nephew embarked for the Dominican Republic. During the last seven years, while the investigation progressed, Sergio Blasco has been project director, administrative manager and, finally, general manager of the Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago, a health center with which he had signed agreements and projects when he directed the Provincial Hospital of Valencia.

In addition, in 2015 Sergio Blasco acquired the shareholding of Innovative Management in Health SL, a Spanish firm whose previous shareholder was José Juan Vázquez Bernia, in whose LinkedIn profile he appears as a maintenance technician (in the Mercantile Registry he also appears as administrator of a hairdresser domiciled in Alzira).

The journalist Sergi Tarín, who has tracked Sergio Blasco on the ground in the Dominican Republic, recalls that the Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago is “the most important in the country and probably one of the most important in the Caribbean.” The private center includes “all the cream of the country at the business level,” says Tarín.

Sergio Blasco was arrested in Valencia on March 23, 2017 on his way back from a trip to the Dominican Republic, in an operation commanded by the Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit (UDEF) of the National Police and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. With him practically all the members of the network fell.

The UDEF also carried out up to 18 entries and searches at homes and company headquarters, in addition to the Ministry of Health and the Provincial Hospital of Valencia, in search of documentation of the millionaire awards. Sergio Blasco had to pay a bail of 80,000 euros to recover his passport and be able to join his position in the Dominican Republic.

A plot of “collection of commissions”, according to the judge

Five years after the arrests, the head of the Investigating Court number 6 of Valencia has placed Rafael Blasco’s nephew on the edge of the bench. The abbreviated procedure order reveals that the network of companies served to channel the “illicit benefit” obtained with the public awards, for a total amount of 35 million euros. The payments detected from other awardees to the network of shell companies respond to the “collection of commissions”, says the investigating judge.

Thus, the investigations of the UDEF have proven that the plot of the ‘Osvaldos case’ paid for vehicles, luxury trips and even farms and land for Sergio Blasco. The network also paid for a one-day visit to Panama by the then manager of the Valencia Provincial Hospital.

The order establishes a pyramidal scheme of companies made up of three steps: the large firms that obtained 33 million euros in awards, the medium-sized ones (two million) and a third level of shell companies, in which the payments and “expenses” were aired. individuals” of Sergio Blasco, without any activity, including Tamazula SL. The anonymous tip that triggered the investigation hit the nail on the head.

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