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This is MultiVersus, the Smash Bros. from Warner Bros. | Digital Trends Spanish

Just as Facebook has its metaverse, Warner Bros. wants its multiverse. But not in the form of comics or superhero movies, but of a video game called MultiVersus, that takes the idea of Smash Bros. but with characters from all ages of the Warner house.

MultiVersus It has been announced by WB Games and focuses on collaborative play because “everything is better with your friends,” according to the director of the game in the intro video. Now, an important detail is the one revealed by Tony Huynh of the Player First Games studio: with MultiVersus they will try to eliminate some of the endemic problems of the same genre fighting titles.

The other important detail has to do with the characters that will be present. Warner Bros. as such has a fairly extensive catalog of brands, so in that sense there should be no problems completing the cast. Although WB has not given the final list, there are already several confirmed characters: Batman, Superman and Harley Quinn cannot be absent, but Shaggy will also be from Scooby Doo, Arya Stark from game of Thrones, Bugs Bunny, Tom, Jerry and more.

Other names also include Jake the Dog and Finn the Human from Adventure Time, Garnet and Steven Universe from Steven Universe and Reindog, an original character created for MultiVersus. All the characters will have voices and some well-known actors like Kevin Conroy, who has been lending his voice to Batman for decades, will be part of the talent behind the game.

Player First Games says it places a lot of emphasis on the multiplayer section of MultiVersus and so that no one has to suffer a bad gaming experience because of the internet connection. Along the same lines, there will be cross-platform play, allowing people to face off — or team up — with players from any console.

MultiVersus will arrive in format free to play in 2022 to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC; for now, there is no mention of the Nintendo Switch. And just because of how it looks and because of the characters present – plus those that could come later – the game seems to generate more interest than the recent Nickelodeon, which is based on the same idea.

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