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This Is Not America: Residente has a harsh message for the US | Digital Trends Spanish

Puerto Rican singer Residente has just released the video for his latest single, This Is Not Americaa protest anthem against US foreign policy, police brutality and environmental destruction.

According to the rapper, the song aims to show how the North American nation appropriated the name of an entire continent. “The United States has indoctrinated many people to believe that it is America,” said the artist in an interview with the BBC.

The idea behind the single is to portray a culturally rich and diverse region, stretching from Tierra del Fuego to Canada. The video also shows images that show the conflicts that this region has had to face in recent decades.

Thus, the record shows protests in Venezuela, Colombia and Puerto Rico, in addition to sharing images of guerrillas, favelas in Brazil and violence linked to drug trafficking. Historical events also appear, such as the murder of the Chilean musician Víctor Jara, who was arrested and tortured during the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

“Most of the situations that I present in the video are connected to interventions by the United States. What better way to tell brotheryou are taking the name after having carried out Operation Condor and having killed half a million people, and having indirectly caused Víctor Jara to be killed during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, ”adds the former Calle 13.

The video was posted on YouTube a few days ago and has already accumulated millions of views. The Ibeyi duo also participates in the record, which is made up of the sisters of Cuban descent Naomi Díaz and Lisa-Kaindé.

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