Wednesday, July 6

This is Sega’s new Mega Drive mini retro console | Digital Trends Spanish

Sega announced for Japan a second part of its mini retro console mega drive, it will feature cartridge games and Mega CD add-on titles. In total, the small console will have 50 built-in games, including Silpheed, Shining Force CD, Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Virtua Racing Y Shining in the Darkness.

The retro mini console will launch on October 27, 2022 in Japan for 9,980 yen (about $75).

“You will be able to enjoy 50 popular titles, surpassing the 42 of the previous Mega Drive Mini. In addition, “bonus titles” that were not released at the time are added, providing unplayable volume, ”he maintains on his website. sega.

Also Sega informs that, “we will launch a new decoration kit “Megadora Tower Mini 2” that faithfully reproduces the exclusive cartridge “Mega CD2” and “Virtua Racing” in the same scale at the same time”.

The main unit is a reduction of the “Mega Drive 2” released in 1993 to approximately 55% of the original: Width 120.8mm × Height 32.3mm × Depth 116.5mm.

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