Monday, March 4

This is Tenoumer, the best preserved crater on Earth | Digital Trends Spanish

The European Space Station took some incredible and highly detailed satellite images of the Tenoumer crater in the Sahara desert, one of the best preserved craters in the world.

The event in Mauritania is 1.9 km wide, the crater rims rise about 110 m above the base, but the crater floor is covered with a layer of sediment approximately 200 to 300 m thick.

The Tenoumer Formation upon closer examination indicates that the structure of the hardened “lava” of the crater it was actually rock that had been melted by a meteorite impact.

Although he resides in ancient rock, Tenoumer is much younger, ranging in age from 10,000 to 30,000 years. This false-color image from Sentinel-2, captured on May 16, 2022, shows the arid landscape surrounding the crater, appearing in different shades of brown, tan, and orange.

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