Sunday, July 3

This is the fight for generational diversity in the labor market

Employment and equal opportunities are two of the pillars on which it is based Endesa Foundation. They look for talent and offer outlets to the population groups most affected by unemployment. On the one hand, seniors. Workers over 50 who have lost their jobs and cannot find new job opportunities. For them, Fundación Endesa works hand in hand with other entities and creates projects such as Generación Savia. The goal, that no one is left behind, whatever their age. In our country there are around 940,000 professionals over the age of 50 who have been prematurely dismissed from their jobs. Savia Generation brings them closer to the job market and gives them the necessary tools to reinvent themselves.

Young people are another population group at risk. Spain tops the list of the Eurozone countries with the highest youth unemployment. The BYG project, which is an initiative of the Endesa Foundation and the Lo que de Verdad Importa Foundation, was created precisely with the aim of providing young people with the necessary tools to face the world of work and take their first steps. They are a new generation of professionals and deserve to have the necessary skills to carry out their work and personal activity successfully. Equal opportunity in employment is a primary struggle for all.