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This is the first electric vehicle with Huawei technology | Digital Trends Spanish

The new electric vehicle brand Avatr presented its first model in China. It is the Avatr 11, which has the peculiarity of incorporating Huawei technology.

The vehicle was presented at the Shanghai Auto Show, where attendees were able to learn about its attractive design, as well as the technology that makes it a “smart” version.

The interior of the Avatr 11 features a Huawei processor that offers a calculation speed of 400 TOPS. The car also has sensors and up to three lidar that allows it to have autopilot functions.


Huawei also brings its Harmony OS operating system that can work in vehicles and other electronic devices. In fact, the Avatr 11 will become one of the first cars to test it.

The car is 4.8 meters long and has four-wheel drive with an electric motor of up to 262 hp. As reported by the manufacturer, the vehicle is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in less than four seconds.


Regarding its autonomy, the Avatr 11 promises 700 kilometers of use with a single charge; When it is used up, it can be replenished by means of a 200 kW fast charging system.

The company reported that its first electric vehicle will be available in China in the second quarter of 2022. For now, it is unknown in which other territories it will be marketed.


It is expected, however, that the fact of having incorporated Huawei technologies will motivate electric vehicle enthusiasts to acquire it and enjoy this Avatr proposal.

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