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This is the first horror short written by bots | Digital Trends Spanish

In October, terror becomes fashionable. This month there are many platforms that launch specials of this genre regarding the arrival of Halloween.

YouTube channel Netflix is ​​a Joke He also wanted to be part of these celebrations and he did it in a particular way.

The managers made an artificial intelligence watch about 400 thousand hours of horror movies. The result of this unique viewing is Mr. Puzzles Wants You to Be Less Alive, the first horror short film ever written by bots.


What is it about?

The short shows Mr. Puzzles, a doll on a tricycle (very much in the style of Saw), who kidnaps a young woman named Jennifer.

The production is full of references to various films and also constitutes a kind of criticism of the genre.

In fact, the protagonist, who assures that instead of being held she should be “in a sexy camp”, is very reminiscent of the film. Jennifer´s Body.

The execution methods chosen by this artificial intelligence are also striking, especially the in-line skates cannon or the crane that makes a whale fall on the head of the detective who is pursuing the case. The detective, of course, is also a tragic character and has a problem with alcohol.

Not long ago, Netflix is ​​a Joke It also launched the first romantic comedy written by bots and now many want to know what genres the AI ​​is going to experiment with in the next work.

Mr. Puzzles Wants You to Be Less Alive It is not exactly the premiere we expected for Halloween, but it is a critical and humorous look at the horror genre that is becoming so popular this month.

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