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This is the ingredient with which fake guacamole is made in Mexico and the United States

Everyone knows that the base of guacamole, a dish of Mexican origin, is avocado, accompanied by tomato, onion and cilantro, as well as different spices and dressings.

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At least that’s how it should be… because currently in not a few taquerias in Mexico and on the border with the United States, avocado has been replaced by other ingredients, giving rise to “false guacamole” or “#nomole”, as it is known. in recipes posted on Twitter and Instagram.

The truth is this is not a new practice: As reported by the BBC in a 2019 report, for a long time not a few “taquerías chilangas” (from Mexico City) have replaced avocado with another ingredient mainly due to economic savings, since it is a very expensive fruit for the most modest businesses .

In this regard, it should be noted that guacamole is often a sauce that is given away for free with the nachos while waiting for the tacos, so the cost of the avocado would be even more burdensome.

In addition, the avocado is a product that is not easy to preserve outside its natural climate, since it is very sensitive to cold but in heat it ripens very quickly and spoils. On the other hand, once the fruit is opened, its pulp oxidizes easily.

Therefore, entrepreneurs from the Federal District and border regions have chosen to replace avocado with a much more affordable and better preserved ingredient, such as zucchini (Cucurbita pepo), which in Mexico is known colloquially as “calabacita”.

Also in the Gastrolabweb mexican gastronomy website it is explained that “the green sauce has a lot of ways to prepare and is used to season taquitos and in fact the false guacamole is more common than many of us would think, so it is customary to put it on the golden tacos, stuffed with chicken”.

Fake guacamole recipe

There are many ways to prepare the false guacamole, which is also known as green sauce, to differentiate it from other sauces known as mole and which are made from fermented tomatoes.

In this case the avocado is replaced by zucchini boiled just right, along with peeled tomato without seeds. Once the two pieces are boiled, they are optionally mixed with shallots, garlic, onions and various spices such as chili, as well as coriander leaves, etc. A taste of each recipe. And it is seasoned with lemon as well as mixed with water or chicken broth.

There are other recipes substitute zucchini for mashed peasa typical puree by the way from the United Kingdom known as mushy peas. The characteristic sweet is killed with spices, coriander and lemon juice. other recipes include broccoli.

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