Thursday, September 16

This is the most comfortable Lexus and it’s not the most expensive

Among the reasons for purchasing electric vehicles, the price per kilometer, environmental awareness and restrictions on access to certain areas of the city, make up almost all the surveys. Similarly, an extraordinary fidelity to a concept of mobility that, when tested, is no longer abandoned as evidence. the last report from the University of California Institute for Transportation Studies, gives a promising future to models such as the new UX300e.

Among the current proposals, if the adoption of shared platforms between several brands draws the buyer’s attention to a favorable relationship between autonomy and purchase price, Lexus’ work on a model that was born hybrid, allows exploring a different path in The one that has not been sacrifices of departure in what refers to constructive solidity, precision of guidance, comfort of suspension, or endowment and interior finish. The UX250h was born to be comfortable and quiet in a citizen habitat, and the electric version UX300e, has arrived to double the bet.

Flat floor and low center of gravity

On the Toyota group’s global platform, GA-C, Lexus has transformed the original hybrid architecture, with a small battery and a combustion engine, into a complete electric with 288 independent lithium-ion cells in the car’s floor. The absence of the engine in the front span, and the position of the battery less than 20 centimeters from the ground, make driving the UX300e an exercise of superior precision, even weighing 235 kilos more.

Taking advantage of this circumstance, Lexus engineers have equipped the UX300e with a driving mode selector, which adapts to the driver’s mood, and improves the driving experience by automatically intervening on the accelerator pedal when more smoothness is required. at low speed, or greater forcefulness when, for example, the incorporation to a fast track is faced.

Power is not lacking. Optimized for citizen use, the UX300e’s 204-horsepower motor / generator offers intense but controlled acceleration while maintaining a city range of nearly 400 kilometers on a single battery charge. Located under the floor and with a lift under the rear bench to release 47 liters more of luggage compartment than the hybrid, it offers 54 kWh of capacity and therefore very reasonable charging times that range between six hours on a conventional 7 socket. , 4 kW, or 50 minutes if done through the 50 kW fast charging port.

Fluency in front of the air, either. Fully cowled floors, motorized arrow-shaped flaps in the lower part of the nose, and even the shape of the taillights that behave as if they were two small ailerons, reduce the coefficient of friction to only 0.31 CX, the most low on Lexus all-rounders and just two-tenths of the figure for the IS saloon, which inherently performs better because of its silhouette and proportions.

Inspected one by one

To ensure that the first-class experience that Lexus has been giving its vehicles for 30 years, the Kyushu plant in Japan where each UX300e is born, has increased the intervention of expert “Takumi” craftsmen in many of the elements that make up the interior of the car. . Attention to detail begins with the design board and ends with the execution, which with criteria of cleanliness and order, reaches from the electrical installation to the space between the stitches of the “sashiko” leather that covers seats, door trims and dashboard, or the preparation by hand of the bodywork surfaces to be painted.

Takumi artisans are something like the black belt and third dan among karatekas, perfecting their technique over time and putting it together in a “quiet room” in the factory, where each Lexus passes to check and rectify with their ears and fingertips, any unwanted noise and vibration.

Top-level security

This is the counterpoint of every Lexus: obsessive attention to workmanship and the “omotenashi” user experience, combined with safety and infotainment technologies: the Lexus Safety System +. As standard on UX300e sold in Europe, this package of safety systems aims to minimize the possibility of accidents and minimize the consequences in the absence of other remedies. The system includes adaptive cruise control with signal recognition, vehicle “pre-collision” configuration with automatic braking and detection of pedestrians and cyclists, automatic maintenance in the center of the lane, as well as automatic adjustment of the low / high beam set, in relation to traffic and road conditions.

Softness, silence, absence of vibrations. Top-level security and contained size. The Lexus UX300e inherits the experience of the hybrid Lexus to put it into play on the battlefield where the future of electrification is now being decided: in the city.

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