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This is the new advancement of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero | Digital Trends Spanish

Earlier this year, it emerged that Akira Toriyama was working on a new Dragon Ball installment, called Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

This will be the second film based on the series Dragon ball super, after Dragon Ball Super: Broly, which premiered in 2018.

Now, on the subject of New York Comic-Con, a new preview was revealed about the next film in the popular Goku saga.

It is a short teaser, which does not have dialogue. However, anyway, it anticipates the animation style that we can see in the film and the threats that will mark this new installment.

This production will once again have Akira Toriyama as the author of the story and character designer, and will be set before the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai martial arts tournament takes place.

The new preview also shows that this installment will rely heavily on CGI, which will make a significant difference from the other titles.

The Dragon Ball franchise has always featured a more generous dose of 3D animation, especially when compared to the rest of the anime. However, this has been accentuated in Super hero, which has been received in different ways by critics and fans of the saga.

“I want to tell the fans of Dragon ball from all over the world that this new movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super HeroIt will surely be something that completely exceeds all your expectations, ”said Masako Nozawa, the original voice of Goku’s character.

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