Saturday, September 25

This is the platform that wants to dethrone OnlyFans | Digital Trends Spanish

In recent days, OnlyFans has been at the center of the news after announcing that it would be banning adult content from its platform.

Although the company changed its mind and gave up its controversial plans, a concern was installed, at least for the creators who turn to this site to generate resources.

Because of this, in recent days a platform that threatens to replace OnlyFans has gained notoriety.

This is Just for Fans, a platform created in 2018 by sex worker Dominic Ford. In fact, the site is primarily aimed at those who are part of the adult industry.

“For years, I’ve wanted to build a business where I can help models earn more stable recurring income. So it’s always been one of my goals and this trend of user-generated content is the way that can happen, ”Ford noted in a recent interview.

Basically, the idea of ​​this creator is that those who are part of the platform can also access medical care and other benefits.

“This achieves my broader goal of allowing models to have legitimate and sustainable revenue and profits without having to look outside of this industry,” he explains.

At Just for Fans, the main business consists of charging a monthly subscription so that users can access the creators’ pages.

They can also sell video downloads, products like clothing, merchandising, photos, and private videos.

Meanwhile, the subscriber pays for each interaction and the application keeps a portion.

In the case of Just for Fans, the platform keeps 30 percent of each creator’s earnings, while that percentage drops to 20 percent in OnlyFans.

This has become one of the main criticisms that the site has received, in addition to accusations of rape by two models against Dominic Ford.

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