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This is the stadium of the Argentine team in the metaverse | Digital Trends Spanish

Taking a new step forward in the fusion of the physical and virtual worlds, the Argentine Football Association presented a preview of its official Virtual Stadium developed by MetaLantis. The Argentine National Team It will become, in this way, the first world champion country to say present in the metaverse.

The stadium will aim to offer a completely new social experience for fans. It was presented in a live event on Twitch hosted by the renowned streamer Markito Navaja, who was with Sergio Goycochea, historical goalkeeper of the Argentine National Team. As of this pre-launch, interested fans will be able to reserve their seat in the stadium, which will have a limited capacity of 35,032 seats.

A new way to support will be possible in the brand new Virtual Stadium, where Albiceleste fans around the world will be able to interact with each other with their customizable avatars and tour different spaces. During Argentina’s World Cup matches, fans will be able to leave messages of encouragement, celebrate goals and experience the matches as they compete against each other in games of skill.

“We are very excited about this launch. It is really disruptive for the AFA to have its Virtual Stadium continuing the digital development of Argentine football and we hope that our fans around the world will enjoy this new way of cheering.”expressed Claudio Tapia, president of the Argentine Football Association.

For its part, Maggie Fang, CEO of MetaLantisadded: “The Virtual Stadium represents, without a doubt, a paradigm shift in the experience of the fans. We are proud to work with the AFA and offer a unique and innovative experience. It is only the beginning of the road. We are committed to developing both the technology and the events that will allow us to reward the fans of Argentina to provide them with a totally immersive, unique and, above all, fun experience”.

Beyond experiencing the World Cup in a special way, the AFA Virtual Stadium will be the meeting point for fans in each match or tournament played by the different Argentine teams, receiving special customizations for each event. In addition, new features and games will be added soon to enjoy the virtual experience even more.

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