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This is the Surface Duo that Microsoft never released | Digital Trends Spanish

An archived eBay listing has revealed images of a Microsoft Surface Duo unpublished. The device was supposed to debut as a mid-range version of the Surface Duo 2. However, it never made the cut and was later canceled in 2021.

Windows Center, reports that the unit was listed as a “development unit” of the Surface Duo 2. While the listing is no longer available, the details were obtained in time to give us a closer look at what the “Lite” version might have been. » of the second generation of Surface Duo. In the images, the device appears to a rolling of a matte plastic finish. It has slightly more rounded corners and, more importantly, it has a lower camera bump compared to the Duo 2.

Windows Center

The listing doesn’t provide any further details on the mysterious Surface Duo. However, the report indicates that the device in question is codenamed “Cronos.” It was supposed to feature a mid-range Qualcomm SoC (possibly the Snapdragon 788G), a dual camera system, and non-curved screens without a gaze bar. The device could have served people who wanted to buy a cheaper Surface Duo 2. Unfortunately, this cheaper Surface Duo never came into existence.

Suraface Duo on a table
Windows Center

According to the report, Cronos was canceled after Microsoft shifted its focus to the next-gen Surface Duo, scheduled to arrive in 2023. The exact reason is not yet known, but it’s possible that Microsoft wanted the line to fully evolve before introducing a new device. This becomes more likely considering the Duo series has had its fair share of problems.

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