Saturday, September 25

This is the sustainable city they want to build in the US | Digital Trends Spanish

Marc Lore is a billionaire from the United States who has proposed the construction of Telosa, an innovative sustainable city.

The project has already been designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) studio and if built it would be located in a desert site in the United States. The first residents in the meantime would arrive in 2030.

The idea of ​​the businessman considers the acquisition of a huge portion of land, of about 60,700 hectares, which would be donated to a community.

The idea is that the income from land leases and land revaluation be managed democratically, which would serve to finance municipal services, education and health, among others.

From what can be seen in the images of the project, the city would have farms and buildings full of vegetation and that would be energy efficient, with solar panels and devices that store rainwater.

Pedestrians would have priority throughout the city, with public transportation made up of cyclists, low-speed autonomous vehicles and a kind of suspended train.

“There is a finite amount of land and that land was claimed generations ago: communities were created, tax money was used to invest in the land, and thus the land increased in value over time without the owners having to produce nothing or take any risk ”, explains the millionaire in charge of this project.

“The earth could essentially go from being a barren piece of desert to a modern city worth billions (or even billions!).”

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