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This is the time capsule that NASA will send into space | Digital Trends Spanish

A team of NASA engineers installed a time capsule on the Lucy spacecraft so that future space archaeologists can decipher the messages within it.

The plaque includes speeches by various Nobel laureates to a description of the configuration of the solar system.

The spacecraft will be launched on October 16 and will remain within the solar system so that future humans can retrieve it. For now, the final preparations are being made to get it ready.

NASA rendering of Lucy in space. POT.

The content of the messages covers topics such as eternity, cultural memory and hope, in addition to including quotes from great celebrities such as Martin Luther King, the poets Orhan Pamuk, Louise Glück, Amanda Gorman, Joy Harjo and Rita Dove; and from scientists like Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan. Also included is a message from Brian May, Queen astronomer and guitarist.

On this link you can read what each of these characters says.


Meanwhile, Lucy’s mission revolves around the Trojan asteroids, which is a group of space rocks that orbit the Sun and that share orbit with a planet to form part of it.

The ship has been named after the Beatles song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

The idea of ​​the plate reminds us of what was done by the Pioneer and Voyager probes, only that in those opportunities, the messages were directed to aliens, or inhabitants who come from outside the solar system.

The plate was installed on July 9 in Colorado, where Lucy is waiting to be launched into space for her important mission.

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