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This is Uber for teenagers: it will allow young people to travel alone | Digital Trends Spanish

uber reported this May 17 that it is making a change in its policies, since it will now allow young people between the ages of 13 and 17 to travel alone in the application and register their own accounts, with one condition, as long as it is linked to the account of his tutor.

“Our focus here is to solve an unresolved problem, which is a massive pain point in the lives of our riders, both guardians and teens,” Sachin Kansal, Uber’s vice president of product, said in an interview.

The new feature it was announced during the company’s annual product event, Go/Get, along with several other new services aimed broadly at “family and travel.”

Teen accounts are essentially controlled by their parents or guardians. The adult account holder sets up the account, receives notifications when a ride is requested, can track the teen’s ride in real time, and can even communicate with the driver. Parents and guardians can also use Uber’s in-car audio recording feature that has been available to customers through the app since 2021. The idea is to give parents and guardians peace of mind that their teen is using Uber safely and responsibly, Kansal said.

“The guardian has control of the account – they can delete the teen’s account, the payment profile can be deleted, they have full visibility,” he said. But at the same time, the adolescent has independence, so when she finds herself in a situation [donde] You need an Uber ride, you can take that ride.”

Another announced function is the implementation of child and baby seats for special trips.

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