Wednesday, July 6

This is what a current 1984 Macintosh commercial would look like | Digital Trends Spanish

A human being has created a commercial (video) for an Apple product. There is nothing special about the previous sentence; We see commercials like that every year and what could be new in an ad created by a user? But in fact, there is something new: it is a current commercial for the 1984 Macintosh.

The video was created by Thibaut Crepelle, who explains that his idea is to create modern videos for older products, like the previously mentioned Mac. For this, the Mac launched by Apple in 1984 was an excellent candidate; According to Crepelle, the pillars of Apple’s philosophy were already present in that product, with “design and user experience above all else”.

Perhaps the most curious of all is that the author reveals that the first step of the creative process is the choice of music. Then, once the final version to be used has been edited, each frame and each segment of the video has to be perfectly adjusted to the various changes in the song.

Regarding the tools used, Crepelle used Figma to create everything related to the user interface and with it, to perfectly recreate the visual style of the 1984 Macintosh.

An interesting detail about this commercial is that it contrasts dramatically with the actual Apple computer ad. At the 1984 Super Bowl, the Macintosh 128K was introduced to the world in a commercial directed by Ridley Scott, whose dystopian tone has nothing to do with Thibaut Crepelle’s more modern and upbeat video.

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