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This is what Google and Netflix would look like before the internet age | Digital Trends Spanish

Can you imagine what the physical version of Google, Facebook, Instagram and other popular platforms would look like before the internet age?

That is what the designer Thomas Ollivier thought, who recreated some services of streaming, social networks and other current technological platforms in a physical and retro format, as if they had been used when the internet was not yet present in each of our devices.

The result was a series of images in which different toys and devices from the 80s and 90s appear, fulfilling the function of each of the platforms in question.

For example, Google is depicted as a toy from the 1980s that was used to help develop communication and writing skills in children. It was a kind of portable computer for infants called Speak & Spell.

In the case of Facebook, the image shows a pager, a telecommunications device that received short messages. This was quite popular in the 90s, until mobile phones began to include its functions and be used in mass.

On the other hand, we have WhatsApp appearing in the form of portable communicators (also called walkie-talkie), and Spotify as a personal cassette player, like the renowned Walkman that Sony released in 1979.

Ultimately, Ollivier illustrated Netflix as an old-fashioned slide viewer, reminiscent of Fisher-Price’s popular View-Master, and digital publishing software company Adobe as a magic slate.

The interesting thing about this designer’s work is that it makes us reflect on how technology has simplified our lives. We have virtual services for any type of need that, at this point, are essential, and everything is within reach of a device with an internet connection.

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