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This is what the dome of the Crew Dragon looks like to look at the space | Digital Trends Spanish

Earlier this year, SpaceX announced Inspiration4, the first mission manned only by civilians. The mission will stand out in a number of ways, but one of the most striking features is the design of the spacecraft’s window.

The Crew Dragon Resilience, where the Insipiration4 astronauts will travel, will not dock at any base. So, so that the crew can observe everything out there, SpaceX prepared something special.

It is a hardened transparent dome that will be integrated into the nave, which promises a spectacular view of space. This will be protected by a hinged nose cone during launch and on re-entry.

Now, the Inspiration4 Twitter account has revealed what the dome looks like with a series of images. “A look at the dome of the Dragon, which will provide our Inspiration4 astronauts with incredible views of Earth from orbit,” the publication says.

A look at Dragon’s Cupola, which will provide our Inspiration4 astronauts with incredible views of Earth from orbit!

The crew visited the flight-hardware Cupola in California before it was shipped to Florida for integration with Dragon Resilience.

& mdash; Inspiration4 (@ inspiration4x) September 1, 2021

While the backdrop for the photos is virtual, when the crew is in space they can poke their heads out of the glass dome and look at Earth the same way, and the cool thing is that at that point the images will be real.

The crew members – Commander Jared Isaacman, Hayley Arceneaux, Chris Sembroski and Dr. Sian Proctor – were able to see the dome hardware in California, before it was sent to Florida to join The Crew Dragon Resilience.

The Dragon capsule has been used for resupply missions to the International Space Station (ISS). That is why it has been equipped with a coupling system on its nose. This is necessary to connect with the orbiting research platform and allow supplies to be loaded and unloaded.

The idea is to replace that ISS attachment module with the hemisphere that will deliver the privileged view, which should be ready by September 15. That day the launch of Inspiration4 is planned.

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