Sunday, December 10

This is what the Sun looks like in its most detailed photograph | Digital Trends Spanish

a deep image detail of the sun is the one released by the next-generation Inouye Solar Telescope in Hawaii owned by the National Solar Observatory (NSO).

NSO calls Inouye the most powerful solar telescope in the world, and it is capable of observing the sun in extreme detail. “A new era of solar physics is beginning,” said Matt Mountain, president of the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) in a statement.

With this preceded fame, Inouye let see his first photo of the Sun and the result is something never seen before:

Something similar to a carpet, or the fur of a frightened cat or the relief of some desert mountains.

The image covers an area 51,300 miles (82,500 kilometers) wide. The NSO also released a version with the Earth superimposed on it to give an idea of ​​scale.

A second image taken on June 3 shows the sun’s surface. This view has a more regular appearance than the chromosphere, but looks like the skin of La Mole de The Fantastic Four.

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