Tuesday, February 27

This is what two astronauts on a spacewalk look like from Earth | Digital Trends Spanish

Although frequent, spacewalks have rarely been captured from Earth. This requires adequate equipment and the ability of the photographer who can record the moment from our planet.

This is why the image taken by Sebastian Voltmer on March 23 is so important and is considered by many to be the first to show, from Earth, two astronauts carrying out a walk outside the International Space Station (ISS).

Sebastian Voltmer

The image shows the two crew members as they carry out repair and maintenance work on the ISS. They are Mathias Maurer and Raja Chari, who barely appear as small dots floating outside the ship.

A significant aspect of this image is that it was taken from Sankt Wendel, in Germany, precisely the city where Maurer was born. The one that appears in the photograph was the astronaut’s first walk outside the ISS, while Chari had made one last week.

During this procedure, both had to replace one of the external cameras, install a new power cable in the Columbos module, as well as some hoses related to the radiator that prevents the structure from reaching dangerous temperatures.

The entire process lasted 6 hours and 54 minutes and was marked by some inconveniences in the German’s suit, particularly with his light and camera, as well as some water that accumulated in his helmet. In any case, it could be successfully completed by both astronauts, who also unconsciously participated in an image that will be historic.

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