Friday, August 12

This Lego stop motion video took nine years to produce | Digital Trends Spanish

Rymdreglage is a Swedish musical duo that is dedicated to making videos in stop motion like the so-called 8 bit trip, published in 2012 and made entirely from Lego pieces. And now, they just released a sequel to that video, called 8 bit trip 2, which took nine years to produce.

And those nine years seem to have been worth it, because the video is totally impressive. 8 bit trip 2 pays tribute to very famous and popular characters from the 8-bit video game era, all built with Lego pieces and with very genuine movements relative to how they looked in their original games.

But perhaps the most striking thing is not in the animation as such -which in itself is very good-, but in the use of the camera and its movements when making tours of the stage. Because creating a work like this using 3D tools can be something not so complex with current computing power, but recreating this by animating everything frame by frame seems like a daunting task.

Speaking to Kotaku, the artists behind Rymdreglage revealed that they used 156,000 Lego pieces, the equivalent of 240 boxes they purchased from a local store. In total, the recording process took them more than 2,000 hours and the creation of the video also took longer than necessary because both are dedicated to music part-time.

It is likely that the two 8 bit trips are within the productions in stop motion best accomplished ever, judging from the result. And the difficulty of its realization perhaps explains why the stop motion It is already extinct, as legendary animator Phil Tippett put it.

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