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This life-size C-3PO can be yours: how many languages ​​does he speak? | Digital Trends Spanish

An awesome C-3PO life-size is the latest jewel in the crown that people have removed from side show. A 1:1 scale figure that even recites some of the most iconic lines from starwars and that it will cost a whopping 8,500 dollars.

“OMG! If your collection needs a protocol droid, look no further than the C-3PO life size figure. Captured in true-to-life detail, this collectible stands 6’2″ tall and 28″ wide, situated on a base of the millennium falcon with details of ship floors and circuits. C-3PO’s signature shiny gold exterior is detailed with weathering, a silver right leg, and multicolored wiring on the abdomen. His arms are articulated at the shoulder joints and can be rotated to various degrees to change his pose, from etiquette to a startled pose. The magnetic fastening bolt can even be removed from his torso as an added detail,” the folks at Sideshow maintain.

The Sideshow company further adds about its C-3PO statue that, “Fluent in over six million forms of communication, the C-3PO Life-Size Figure comes programmed with a random voice track feature. You can recite a series of iconic lines from all of his adventures throughout the Skywalker Saga using the included remote control. His eyes also include a light-up feature that can be activated via a button on the back of his head. Bring your droid companion to life with these interactive features, powered by the included external cable.”

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