Tuesday, March 21

This map shows you in real time how the Russian army is advancing | Digital Trends Spanish

There is a lot of expectation worldwide around the military intervention initiated by Russia on the border with Ukraine. Since the early hours of this Thursday, February 24, people have turned to social networks to keep abreast of the latest news, since the news of this conflict is constantly updated.

For many, the most important thing is to be informed as quickly as possible, therefore, the sites that deliver news “instantly” are the most consulted. One of those that has become popular during this day is a map that allows you to see in real time the advance of Russian troops through the Donbas region, on the border with Ukraine.

The Georgian Foundation for Strategic Studies has produced a map showing all the movements of the Russian army. This handy tool was created by David Batashvili and takes the information provided by Google Maps as a reference.

The map is quite complete and, in addition to revealing the Russian advance on the border, it also provides details on land, air, naval and artillery maneuvers, as well as information on military installations.

The map can be accessed from this link. Once the user has logged in, the overview is displayed showing the locations of the headquarters of the Russian land and air armies, army corps, fleets and military districts, along with the foreign countries that have bases. Russian military.

The visitor can also choose if he wants all the units to appear or some sorted by categories. According to the site:

“The user can use the menu buttons to switch between ‘Summary’ and ‘All’ unit modes. Various types of markers representing Russian military units and bases on the map are divided into layers viewed in ‘All Units’ mode which can be toggled on and off in the menu.

By hovering over a unit or base, the map will display supplemental information that can serve as context for those interested in learning more about the conflict.

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