Friday, December 3

This material is applied to glass and is capable of blocking or letting the heat from the outside pass through as we need it.

That it is hotter in cities and that buildings make the problem worse is something that he has known for a long time, and hence solutions are being sought to avoid retaining that heat as cold asphalt or the strategic use of trees. Now one more solution can be a new material that can retain the heat that enters through the crystals of the Windows.

Extend, install and “connect” the glass

Do not be confused: we can smoke a glass to prevent light from entering it and be more sheltered from it, but infrared radiation (which is what causes the heat) continues to pass without problems. What they have developed a group of people at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) is a material that prevents that infrared radiation from passing.

This material is a mixture of titanium dioxide, tungsten trioxide, tin oxide and niobium neodymium that is spread as an additional layer on top of conventional crystals. and connects to an electrical circuit.

When it is very hot, we can activate this circuit so that (on paper) it blocks up to 70% of the infrared radiation while letting 90% of the light pass through. If we are in winter and what is important is to let as much heat as possible pass through, we can leave the circuit disconnected.

The advantage of this substance is that it is cheap and that it can be very durable, and it would also help to reduce the use of air conditioners in summer and heating in winter. Less energy used, less pollution and more efficiency.

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