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This microchip under the skin serves as a COVID-19 passport | Digital Trends Spanish

A Swedish company developed a chip that is implanted under the skin and that stores the COVID-19 vaccination passport of the person who carries it.

The chip, created by Epicenter, uses a near field communication system, also known by its acronym in English NFC. Similar to others with the same technology, when the chip is brought close to a device, the information is sent which, in this case, is related to the vaccines the patient has received.

The chip is the size of a grain of rice and can be implanted in either the arm or the hand between the thumb and index finger. Verification of data occurs almost instantaneously.

Beep boop beep: Your vaccination record has been verified 🤖

& mdash; South China Morning Post (@SCMPNews) December 17, 2021

One of the first people to experiment with this technology is Hannes Jöblad, an employee of Epicenter and founder of the Swedish Association of Biohackers, who is the protagonist of the video shown above.

Jöblad is also an activist who promotes the integration of various cybernetic devices in the body, such as the Epicenter chip.

The company assures that the implantation of a chip of this type is not definitive, but that it is a completely reversible process and that it should not leave major scars on the person. On the other hand, a special application on the phone or some secondary tool is not needed for the chip to work and its potential uses are much more than just a sophisticated COVID-19 passport.

Although the technology is not massive – and it is not yet known if it ever will be – the Swedish company has already used it in its employees and with good results in terms of convenience, since they open doors or operate printers just by moving closer your hand to the devices.

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