Friday, March 24

This morning summer time returns and at 02:00 it will be 03:00

This weekend the schedule will officially change again and at 02:00 in the morning of Sunday the 27th, the clocks will have to be advanced until 03:00, according to the calendar published in the BOE by the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with Courts and Democratic Memory.

Change to winter time: what day is it and how can it affect us?

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The new schedule will be in force until Sunday, October 30, when this time will be recovered with the return of winter time.

The Government has set the start and end of summer time from 2022 to 2026 since there is still no progress, nor is there expected to be in the short term, in the negotiations to set a definitive time and thus eliminate the seasonal change.

In 2018, a public consultation promoted by the European authorities gathered the opinion of 4.6 million Europeans who, in more than 80%, were in favor of setting a definitive time, convinced that the energy saving objective that served as justification to implement the time change has been outdated.

However, to date there is still no definitive agreement in both Spain and the European Union.