Thursday, January 27

This Nintendo Switch is a decoration for the Christmas tree | Digital Trends Spanish

The Nintendo Switch is a device that, by nature, has its place in the lower part of the Christmas tree, where the gifts go. So it seems unnatural that a console like this can be used as a Christmas ornament. However, a youtuber built a miniature version of the Switch with a built-in screen that is perfect for this era.

This miniconsole is a scale replica whose size is one fifth of the original device and that uses a PCB type plate with enough circuits to load images in GIF format and reproduce them on a 1.14-inch and 240 x 135-pixel display, in a way simulation of the operation of the original console.

The GIF images can be, as seen in the video, parts taken from video games of the Switch; moments of Breath of the Wild, Smash Bros or any other title. GIFs loaded into the device’s tiny memory can be changed by simply pressing one of the mini-console’s sticks.

But if the construction of the circuits is a complex process, that of the housing is not minor. This was 3D printed, with the correct measurements to hold the plate, and then hand painted in the colors of the original console. The only detail improvable It may be the rear, as the circuits are exposed and turning the ornament kills the magic a bit.

The Nintendo Switch mini is not for sale as it is a homemade electronic project, but the author of the video uploaded to GitHub the firmware used on the chip and available to anyone who wants to replicate the project.

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