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This origami-inspired mouse folds up for your travels | Digital Trends Spanish

travel with a macbook proit’s always more comfortable with a mouse. As great as Apple’s trackpads are, nothing beats the precision and comfort of one of the best mice for Mac.

And now there’s one that shows a lot of promise, if you believe what you read in a new Kickstarter campaign. Besides having an inelegant name, the mouse Air.0 believes it can offer the best of both worlds for travelers while remaining light and unobtrusive.

This is because it can be folded almost completely flat when not in use. When you need to get down to business with your computer, the mouse folds into a full-size pointer and magnetically locks into its new shape.

It’s a different approach to standard travel mice, which generally look like what you’d get if their big brothers got hit with a sci-fi shrink ray. Sure, they’re smaller and lighter, but they’re a lot harder to grip and use accurately. On top of that, their rigid bodies can’t be folded, so their bulbous form can still protrude awkwardly from bags and bags.

A novel idea, but does it work?

And the Air.0 mouse used to be a person at a desk next to a laptop.

The Air.0 comes in a range of different colors and patterns and has an irregular polygonal pattern on its top surface that looks like it would be appreciated by a 2000s kid with wraparound hues and spiky hair.

My main concern, however, is how rugged the device is when in use. With a mouse this thin, does it flex every time you click a button? It’s not exactly suitable for marathon gaming sessions where you want something as robust and reliable as possible. But for light web browsing, it will probably do just fine.

On the plus side, it’s equipped with the Bluetooth 5.2 standard, and the manufacturer says its rechargeable battery can last up to three months before needing more juice. And because it’s so lightweight, it’s unlikely to be damaged if you drop it.

So if you’re looking for a new travel companion to replace your current portable mouse, the Air.0 might be worth a try. He is currently on Kickstarterwhere you have already reached your funding goal.

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