Sunday, December 10

This rib would be from the largest dinosaur in Europe | Digital Trends Spanish

In 2017 while doing yard work, a man found what looked like huge bones in his yard in Portugal, like dinosaur. He called a group of paleontologists and they began to investigate. Over the years they have unearthed what is believed to be the largest sauropod in all of Europe.

A three-meter-long rib has revealed a 12-meter-tall, 25-meter-long herbivore that roamed the Earth about 150 million years ago. According to the paleontologist Elisabete Malafaia, from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon:

“It is one of the largest specimens discovered in Europe, perhaps in the world. Among the collected bones, they found the remains of a rib about three meters long.

Furthermore, the fossils discovered at the Monte Agudo site in Pombal are believed to be those of a brachiosaurid that lived during the Late Jurassic period.

For now, excavations will continue to be done to see how to unravel the mystery of this sauropod.

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