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This rival of the Tesla Semi seems to come from the future: an electric truck with kitchen, refrigerator and autonomous driving

The Tesla Semi It was presented in 2017, as a spectacular electric truck with a range of 640 kilometers and a 0 to 100 in 5 seconds, a figure worthy of a sports car. The first ones are expected to be delivered before the end of the year, but there are already rivals who want to stand up to him.

This is the case of the Geely, created by Farizon Auto. This all-electric truck, while intended for commercial use, has facilities worthy of a home, like bed, fridge, kitchen, bathroom and even washing machine.

A truck-house that wants to arrive in 2024

Farizon Auto, a commercial vehicle division of Geely (an automobile manufacturer based in Hangzhou, China), has just introduced a new fully electric truck concept For commercial purposes. It will be one of the main rivals of the Tesla Semi and its arrival on the market is expected in 2024, in which it wants to start making deliveries.

This truck will have a 100% electric version, level 4 autonomous driving and technologies to work in conjunction with other company trucks

Farizon Auto has christened this truck Homtruck, a truck that will have a modular architecture and will have different versions of propulsion, both a fully electric version and hybrid versions with methanol engines. There are no details yet on the engine, but there are details on the technologies of the truck.

Interior Kitchen

Homtruck Kitchen

The Homtruck is a vehicle designed to comply with level 4 autonomous driving, via a LiDAR radar. This sensor will also allow several Homtruck to circulate in a caravan completely aligned autonomously. Of course, it will also have millimeter wave radars, ultrasonic radars and a 5G communication system.

The cabin features screens, with augmented reality on the windshield itself. The truck will connect to Geely’s own data platform, to facilitate deliveries and provide data to the driver regarding the trips to be made. There will also be several cameras to offer a 360-degree view around the truck, as well as several cameras to control that the driver does not get drowsy.


As a curiosity, this truck is equipped with a bed, stove, dishwasher, and even a refrigerator. According to the company, the goal is for drivers to have a home on wheels, packed with technology. There is no news yet on the price of this electric truck.

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