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This screen turns the Xbox Series S into a laptop | Digital Trends Spanish

The Xbox Series S has been recognized, among other things, for its size; It is the smallest new generation console that exists and has a very comfortable format to place it on any piece of furniture. Therefore, someone thought it would be a good idea to create a screen that turns it into a laptop.

And that idea became xScreen, a Kickstarter project created by Upspec Gaming in Australia, which adds a screen to the console, in a very organic way. This screen is 11.6 inches, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels (1080p) and with a refresh rate of 60 hz. These specifications more than enough for the type of console that is the S Series, in which the majority of games are shown at 1080p.

The device connects to the HDMI port of the console, but without using a cable but with a direct connector to the HDMI and USB ports of the console. By means of the first the signal is sent to the screen, obviously, while with the USB it feeds power and in addition, the design of the housing leaves free the ports to connect the console to the power and to insert the memory expansion.

The xScreen has a very interesting design, with the same color as the console and also, with a format that is not disruptive compared to the simplistic design of the Xbox Series S. And apart from the screen, it also includes a pair of stereo speakers that remain located just in front of the screen, as if it were a laptop any. On the other hand, the device is relatively light and adds just 695 grams to the console.

The xScreen project on Kickstarter has already reached more than $ 85,000 and far exceeded the initial goal of $ 9,200. Of course, and given the technology, the price of the peripheral will not be cheap, starting at $ 250. However, taking into account the money raised so far, there seems to be public interest in something like this.

It would be good to know what Microsoft thinks about the xScreen, which is not an official peripheral at all but could perfectly be.

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