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This small washing machine removes stains from glasses | Digital Trends Spanish

This is an advertisement that, at least, all of us who wear glasses will notice. Especially to all of us who have trouble getting them clean, and successfully removing their grease stains.

Cleaning the lenses can be an arduous task, therefore, an invention aims to leave behind the repetitive action of rubbing a lens with a cloth and proposes an innovative solution.

It is a small washing machine in which the glasses can be inserted to clean themselves. The LensHD is an automated cleaning device, which works in a similar way to devices that remove dirt from wireless headphones.

How does it work?

Inside the LensHD is a set of four soft, blade-shaped sponges wrapped in a microfiber cloth that gently rotate counterclockwise to increase coverage area.

The procedure is quite simple and you just have to place the glasses inside and close the compartment. From that point, the four sponges begin to work, simultaneously cleaning both sides of each lens.

This little washing machine removes the stain from glasses

The creators of LensHD have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help develop this invention in a massive way.

For now, the cheapest purchase option costs $ 79 and has delivery by November of this year. However, the final sale price is likely to be a bit higher.

It is possible that not few are willing to pay a little more for a modern device that cleans your glasses quickly and easily.

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