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This strange Mario Kart clone was exclusive to the Macintosh | Digital Trends Spanish

In the mid-nineties, Super mario kart it was an absolute hit with gamers of the time. No other console or platform had a similar title, although some did try. And among those attempts was Emora Kart, a japanese game of karts for Macintosh.

Emora Kart It is as if the map on the bottom screen of the Super mario kart original would have become a game. Here, two characters traveled a circuit and to control them it was necessary to click with the mouse in a place on the track where the character was heading.

During the tour, something like coins appeared around the circuit; when passing over them, the vehicle was moving faster, as indicated by the speedometer in the upper right part of the screen. Likewise, obstacles appeared that, when hit, made the car stop completely.

According Matt Sephton, a former Apple evangelist who documented the game on his website, Emora Kart It has six different characters who compete in six different circuits that increase in difficulty. And it was created using HyperCard, an Apple software development platform that was included in every computer Apple produced between 1987 and 1998.

Emora Kart it was full of curious details. For example, the game had a different speed that depended on how fast the computer it was running on was. Meanwhile, the graphics were 1 bit, which means that there were only two colors: black and white, with no intermediate values.

Years after its release in 1994, there was a sequel to Enora Kart whose perspective was more similar to that of traditional racing games. But because they are very obscure titles, even for their time, there is little documentation or records in this regard.

Nevertheless, Emora Kart can be played online thanks to, in a kind reminder of how far video games have come since then.

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