Friday, December 3

This striking mini monitor is a tribute to the infinite ‘feeds’ of Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook

If you spend (a good part of) the day browsing social networks, here is a miraculous invention: a mini monitor designed specifically for that and that has a unique 7:32 aspect ratio which makes it a curious auxiliary monitor to always have those Twitter, Instagram or Facebook threads close by.

The monitor, what has a diagonal of only 8.8 inches and that is easily transportable from one place to another, it has been created by the Japanese company Elsonic, a subsidiary of Nojima.

Small, transportable and very, very social

The monitor, with model number EK-MD088, has a resolution of 420 x 1,920 pixels (at 60 hertz) and a density of 223.3 pixels per inch.

That makes the monitor more than decent to be able to present those contents on the screen, which also boasts a typical brightness of 300 nits that we can adjust with two buttons located on the sides.

This display measures 78 x 21 x 248 mm and has a weight of 198 grams As we said, they facilitate its transfer to any place to use it as a singular external monitor.

To connect it to the computer we can use its mini HDMI portWhile the power is provided through a USB-C port that, yes, unfortunately does not serve as a video input.


At the moment this curious screen will only be sold in the Asian country, where it will go on sale in early February for 14,800 yen, which to the change suppose about 114 euros. It is not known if they will end up marketing it outside of Japan, but the idea may end up being adapted by other manufacturers.

Via | Gizmodo

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