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This unique Lada model has 14 wheels | Digital Trends Spanish

Lada is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world and one of the most recognized legacies of the USSR.

For this reason, many of the car fans still fondly remember the most popular models of this brand and constantly seek to recondition them.

Now, for example, the owner of one of these vehicles has surprised with an innovative model that has 14 wheels.

The construction of this design has been in charge of Garage 54, and to be able to incorporate all the wheels, these have been installed in the rear part in a pyramidal shape.

The team behind this unique invention intends to test their new model soon, for that they plan to take the car to a soft and extensive surface or to a stretch of asphalt that is very smooth due to the lack of suspension in the vehicle.

This invention has a diesel engine that the managers have transformed to run on gasoline.

Of course, this vehicle is not intended to be mass-built, it has only been built to show it off on the streets so that people can see probably one of the most imposing Ladas they have ever seen.

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