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This vertical monitor is perfect for social networks | Digital Trends Spanish

When checking social media, one of the big differences between traditional computers and phones is in the format of the screen. While in the former the normal are wide formats such as 16: 9 or 16:10, on phones and tablets the display is vertical. However, this new monitor from the Japanese brand Elsonic seeks to bring the mobile experience to the desktop.

The EK-MD088 is designed to check social networks and make doomscrolling without having to leave the computer. It has a size of 8.8 inches and its orientation is vertical; It is not very large in terms of inches, but due to its format it serves as a perfect companion or as a second monitor to maintain a feed of social networks at hand.

The monitor has an LCD panel with a resolution of 420 x 1,920 pixels and is connected via a mini-HDMI port. In the back it has a support to keep it in a vertical position and adjust it to different angles, as desired by the user. Of course, thanks to the Windows options it is also possible to use it in landscape format, but due to its aspect ratio – something like 16: 4.5 – it would not be the most convenient.

Elsonic ensures that this monitor is not only used for social networks, but also for content creators, artists or application developers who need to test how their programs will look on the screen of a mobile phone.

The EK-MD088 is priced at 14,800 yen, which translates to about $ 150. It is currently only available for purchase in Japan and will go on sale in February 2022.

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