Tuesday, December 7

This was the first McDonald’s location in Argentina

“To be part of the life of a community, and in our case, to be part of the life of Argentines, is an enormous pride. McDonald’s is an international brand, which locally has a great national imprint ”, assured Eduardo Lopardo, Managing Director of Arcos Dorados Argentina.

“Our goal for the coming years is to continue growing in each of the management pillars that we have defined: innovate, grow and be creative to enhance our brand, always.” Lopardo added.

From its beginning with the opening of the first store in the Belgrano neighborhood in 1986 until today, McDonald’s forged its history in the country based on the quality of its products, its commitment to society and innovations. The arrival of the company in Argentina marked a before and after. There, the story of a small franchise began that began timidly in one of the most important avenues of the city until it expanded throughout the country. Today McDonald’s has 220 stores throughout Argentina.

For more than 35 years, the company’s mission has been to serve quality food, generating delicious and accessible moments for everyone. In recent years, the company has evolved strongly in different axes that are framed in what they call “Recipe of the Future”: a social and environmental strategy promoted with the aim of positively impacting those sectors where there is the opportunity to achieve a significant change .

It is within these pillars that the impact of the brand is seen in the community: with employment opportunities for thousands of young Argentines who, thanks to McDonald’s, enter the labor market; replacement of plastic containers in the premises by renewable sources minimizing the impact on the environment; and with inclusion and diversity, something that is reflected in the recent launch of “Espacio Azul”, a special section at McDonald’s for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the availability of a Braille menu for the blind.

A flag in Rosario

Choosing the city of Rosario as the cradle of the national flag, the company held an act in the place where a mega mast, one of the highest in the country, is located – in the northern port area, on the river bank. Paraná. The event had the special participation of more than 80 collaborators from McDonald’s stores in Santa Fe and Rosario, most of them young people who began their professional careers in the company, who were part of the raising of one of the largest Argentine flags that exist in the country. The act was accompanied by the melody “Aurora”, performed live by the soprano Aldana Moriconi.


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