Wednesday, December 6

This was the first test of this futuristic flying vehicle | Digital Trends Spanish

Bellwether Industries published the images of the first test flight of Volar, its innovative flying vehicle that was tested in Dubai.

According to the London company, this aircraft could mark a revolution in the field of flying vehicles over the next decade. It is expected to hit the market in 2028.

The intention of those in charge of the project is that Volar allows sustainable intra-urban trips. The final version of the vehicle will have a width of 3.2 meters and will be able to carry five passengers.

Although this first prototype was presented at air shows such as the Dubai Airshow, the recent demonstration marks the first time that the vehicle was actually able to fly.

I agree with The Daily Mail, this test was carried out in November, but the images were only released. The aircraft rose about four meters and was able to fly at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

In total, the company made eight flights outdoors. Previously, he had only tested a prototype in closed laboratories that allowed him to observe the stability and control of the vehicle.

In a statement, Bellwether Industries noted that “the future of the human being will be in the air. Our mission is to provide the urban air mobility solution [UAM] more compatible for trips within the city and private transport”.

So far, the firm has not revealed how much this aerial vehicle will cost, however, it assured that “it will not be more expensive than a car.”

The problem is that they have not specified what type of car they are referring to either. In fact, some in charge of the company recognize that the first Volar model will not be particularly cheap.

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