Sunday, November 28

This was the mass in memory of Franco to which Pablo Casado attended “by mistake”

It is 7:00 p.m. on November 20. In the Cathedral of Granada, specifically in the one known as Iglesia del Sagrario, as every year (although that of 2020 was restricted due to the pandemic), a mass is celebrated in memory of Francisco Franco and José Antonio Primo de Rivera. At the door, as confirmed by eyewitnesses to this newspaper, there are young people with Francoist flags. Inside, a laurel wreath from the Francisco Franco Foundation presides over the altar. A pre-constitutional flag is extended in front of one of the first banks.

Pablo Casado, president of the PP, arrives, as confirmed by his team to Newtral, the homily began, in which, according to the Archdiocese of Granada, there was no mention of Franco or Primo de Rivera, not in the ‘petitions’. Casado came with his family “because it was close to his hotel” and, eyewitnesses say, he sat down towards the end of the dozen benches in the small chapel. Later he photographed himself with a young man who later uploaded the image to social networks. This was the reason why his presence was known. According to the team of the president of the popular, Pablo Casado attended the ceremony without knowing that the dictator was being honored because he could not go to mass the next day as he had to intervene in the PP-A convention, the XVI Regional Congress of the Party. Popular of Andalusia.

According to the information that has had access to by direct witnesses, the liturgical ceremony took place in the same way as it has been celebrated in recent decades. In Granada, every November 20 there is a mass that remembers both figures of Spanish fascism. However, the act is celebrated within a “normal dead” liturgy in which only at the end they are mentioned, along with another unknown person from Granada who died a few years ago. The priest only says their first names. In other words, it honors “Francisco” and “José Antonio”.

As confirmed by the Archdiocese of Granada, it was an ordinary mass “in which, as every day, prayers are prayed for the deceased faithful and if there is a parishioner, as in this case, who asks to pray for the eternal rest of a person, it is mentions him at mass “, upon payment of an amount such as a” stipend “but the amount of which has not been confirmed. Nevertheless, The Francisco Franco National Foundation had announced this liturgy as a tribute to the dictator since last November 15.

PP sources have explained that in the masses it is prayed for the soul of the deceased that the faithful ask for it to be prayed (prayers) and there they named “Francisco and 10 other Christian names”, an extreme that contradicts the only three people mentioned in the liturgy according to ecclesiastical sources. They have stressed that Casado was unaware of the dead to whom the priest referred because when he attends a mass he does not ask who he is going to pray for that day “nor does he ask for the DNI and the surnames of the dead.”

They said 8:00 p.m. and, with the ceremony finished, at the end of the religious act, there were more tributes to the genocide, in addition to photos next to the altar with Francoist symbols. At the door of the temple, the Face to the Sun was sung and pre-constitutional flags were waved, although the Archdiocese avoids commenting on it because it considers that it was already outside the temple. This newspaper has no confirmation on whether the PP leader stayed until the end of the Eucharist or was absent a little earlier.

Both the PSOE, as United We Can, More Country and Compromís have asked Casado to explain “the reason for his attendance.” “We understand that this clarification on an aggression and absolute irresponsibility is necessary,” said the PSOE spokesman in Congress, Héctor Gómez.

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