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This was the unsuccessful launch of the Astra rocket | Digital Trends Spanish

Astra Space’s first rocket launch was far from the Californian company’s expectations.

This was due to the failure of an engine just a second after launch, causing the device to fall to its side before trying to reach orbit.

Subsequently, the flight safety team shut down the engines at 2 minutes and 28 seconds of flight after a piece of the rocket detached.

“One of the five main engines shut down less than a second after takeoff, causing the vehicle to slowly lift off the platform before resuming its trajectory. After approximately two minutes and 30 seconds of flight, an order was issued to shut down all engines, ending the flight. The vehicle reached an altitude of approximately 50 kilometers before returning safely to Earth, ”the company said in a statement.

Reviewing flight data and video, two things are very clear – 1) An engine shut down right after launch 2) Everything that happened next made me incredibly proud of our team. Space may be hard, but like this rocket, we are not giving up. #Adastra

& mdash; Chris Kemp (@Kemp) August 29, 2021

Originally, the two-stage Launch Vehicle 0006 was scheduled to launch from the Pacific Space Complex in Kodiak, Alaska on Friday, August 27.

However, it had to be delayed until August 28 after the rocket’s guided system announced an outage, possibly due to an engine configuration problem.

Incredibly proud

Despite this failed attempt, the company was optimistic about the launch.

“Obviously it was not successful in putting anything into orbit, but it was a flight in which we learned a lot,” acknowledged Chris Kemp, CEO of Astra Space.

On his Twitter account, Kemp noted that the engine did not start, but that he was “incredibly proud” of the launch team anyway.

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