Monday, June 5

This webcam tells you when the baby is hungry | Digital Trends Spanish

A practical parent hoping to improve his baby’s reaction times to hunger, created a webcam that lets you know when the child is about to burst into tears for food, Hungry Baby Alarm.

This dad named Olson used machine learning Google’s MediaPipe to monitor live streaming from the camera and look for these movements and behaviors.

Olson assigned movements and breaths different levels of importance, and as they are detected, they contribute to an overall score. Once the score passes a certain threshold, Olson’s phone receives a notification that his baby is ready to feed.

The system isn’t 100% foolproof, and in the video, Olson assures us that her family continues to prioritize her pediatrician’s advice when it comes to feeding her newborn.

Of course the baby will still cry for food, but this device allows a few more hours of sleep and anticipate the angry demand of that hungry child.

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