Wednesday, November 29

This will be Gohan’s Latin voice in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero | Digital Trends Spanish

This coming August 18, the film will be released throughout Latin America. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero And one of the things that the fans wanted to know was who would do the voice of Gohan, since his official dubbing for years Luis Alfonso Mendoza passed away.

The replacement will be the Mexican Luis Manuel Ávila, who was “Junior” in the Mexican comedy series “La Familia Peluche”.

Crunchyroll also delivered the complete list of voices in Latin Spanish for the film.

The cast members are:

  • Son Gohan played by Luis Manuel Ávila
  • Son Goku played by Mario Castañeda
  • Son Goten played by Victor Ugarte
  • Piccolo played by Carlos Segundo
  • Bulma played by Rocío Garcel
  • Vegeta played by Rene Garcia
  • Krillin played by Eduardo Garza
  • Trunks played by Sergio Bonilla
  • Videl played by Carola Vazquez
  • Pan played by Circe Luna
  • Dr. Hedo played by Miguel Angel Ruiz
  • Gamma 1 played by Mark Winslow
  • Gamma 2 played by Alan Fernando Velázquez
  • Magenta played by Octavio Rojas
  • Carmine played by Beto Castillo
  • Dubbing director: Eduardo Garza

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