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This will be the lunar base that China and Russia want to build | Digital Trends Spanish

China and Russia have jointly presented their plans to reach the Moon. It is a kind of broken sheet of what missions both countries will carry out and which should result in the lifting of a permanent lunar base in 2035.

The plan was presented during the GLEX congress on space exploration, where the agencies of the two nations have expressed their idea of ​​enabling a special enclosure for their astronauts to live on the Moon.

The ambitious project is based on three phases, each with multiple collaborative missions between China and Russia, but it also gives the possibility to other nations that want to join this plan.

The first phase of this project is the one that is being carried out now, with the study of the surface where the lunar base will be installed.

The second is the construction phase of the International Lunar Research Station, which will run from 2026 to 2030.

The last stage includes the construction of the lunar base. It will start in 2031 and is scheduled to end in 2035. In this phase, it is expected that the infrastructure and basic system of the station on the lunar surface and in orbit will be completed (part of the station will be orbiting the Moon).

Lunar base of China and Russia

From this moment, the missions will be renamed ILRS-1 and will be direct collaborations between Russia, China and the other countries that want to join the program.

If these three stages turn out well, both countries hope to send astronauts to the station so that they can live permanently on the Moon.

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