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This will be the Russian space station presented by Roscosmos | Digital Trends Spanish

Russia has already defined that soon will leave the International Space Station foreversince the Roscosmos reported that they are in the process of building their own orbital station.

This Monday, August 15, in the framework of the Army 2022 Military Technical International Forum, the model was presented. According to its manufacturer, the Space and Rocket Corporation ‘Energy’, the ship will have four independent modules in its first stage of construction.

As the Russian site tells Sputnik«In a first phase, it is expected that the station will be composed of four modules: a science module, a node module, a base module and a docking module. It is planned that two cosmonauts can live on the ship at the same time. This will provide a two-person crew with a total volume of 228 cubic meters, including up to 19 cubic meters to accommodate science equipment.”

In the second stage, the Russian orbital station will be completed with special and production modules, as well as a service platform. As a result, the total volume of the station for a crew of two to four people will increase to 667 cubic meters, including up to 49 cubic meters for the installation of scientific equipment.

The Russian Space Station is expected to be ready in 2028 and will have the following characteristics:

  • The ability to generate more power for specific tasks.
  • The unification of the modules.

  • The possibility of interaction with future groups of satellites.

  • Various modes of operation.

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