Friday, March 24

This will cost Netflix’s ad-supported service | Digital Trends Spanish

People are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Netflix’s new ad-supported plan, with the promise of lowering your subscription cost. And on that line Bloomberg advanced in a reportHow much will the monthly payment cost?

The plan will cost at least half of what a normal fee costs, that is, between 7 and 9 dollars per month. It should be remembered that the plan today costs a little more than 15 dollars.

The plan will see four minutes of ads for every hour of content, with those ads showing at the beginning of each show and in the middle, but not at the end.

John-Mark Smith/pexels

It also seems that both children’s programs and original movies and series on the platform will be freed from advertising for now. In the code of the platform there are indications that this basic plan could also dispense with the function of viewing offline content by downloading it previously.

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