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This Windows 11 update can break your WiFi route | Digital Trends Spanish

A problem is having the latest update 21H2 to Windows 11as well as other Windows updates shipped in June, since according to the Microsoft bug tracking documentationmany users are seeing that their access points Wifi are disconnected after the update.

To be clear, this isn’t affecting standard Wi-Fi connections, from a Windows computer to a router or other network equipment. This is the hotspot feature that allows you to take the connection already going to your computer (for example, an Ethernet connection or a cellular radio built into a laptop) and relay it over the computer’s Wi-Fi radio , turning that PC into an effective Wi-Fi router. The feature is most commonly seen on smartphones, but it’s just as useful for a laptop or desktop if your other Wi-Fi options are limited.

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Microsoft documented the problem yesterday, June 16, spotted by BleepingComputer. It’s marked “investigate.” Unfortunately there don’t seem to be any solutions at the moment; under “workaround”, Microsoft simply says to disable the Wi-Fi hotspot. That’s not so much a workaround as a “doesn’t work at all”.

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