Tuesday, July 5

“This with Franco did not happen”: a school in Vitoria denounces the appearance of graffiti against the LGTBIQ + collective

The Umandi public school in Vitoria has denounced this Monday in a statement the graffiti against the LGTBIQ + collective that has appeared on a mural in the schoolyard. In them you can read phrases such as “This with Franco did not happen”, “Transformers no” and “marikas”.

They investigate nine people for a homophobic attack on a young man in Basauri: “He ended up in the hospital with bruises all over his body”

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The mural was painted with the flag on May 17, International Day against LGTBIphobia, “in keeping with the values ​​that are worked on in the ikastola.” For this reason, after denouncing and rejecting “completely” the homophobic and transphobic graffiti, the school has declared that it will continue to “educate children in diversity, respect and coexistence”.

The mayor of Vitoria, Gorka Urtaran, has shown his rejection of “this type of homophobic and transphobic actions” in a tweet in which he has also defended in Basque that the capital is a diverse city in which “freedom and freedom are defended. equality and the rights of all “.

This is not the first episode against the LGTBIQ + collective in the Basque Country in June. During the early hours of June 6, 13 men committed a homophobic assault against another young man in a square in Basauri. Shouting “fag shit”, the group gave all kinds of blows, punches, kicks and shoves until he was unconscious on the ground. Thousands of people accompanied the young man and his family on June 10 in a demonstration that went through the streets of the Biscayan town. This aggression also provoked the rejection of the PNV groups, EH Bildu, PSE-EE, Elkarrekin Podemos-IU and PP + Cs, which signed a joint text in the Basque Parliament, from which Vox was absent. The far-right formation condemned the events before the media not for being a homophobic aggression but because they oppose all kinds of violence.