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This world champion will be the cover of FIFA 22 | Digital Trends Spanish

The next FIFA 22 already has its cover athlete. This is Kylian Mbappé, in front of Paris Saint Germain and the France team, who will be the official face for this edition of FIFA.

It is for the second year in a row that Mbappé graces the cover of FIFA. And it is logical that EA Sports bet on the forward again, as he represents the new breed of superstar-class players who will take the baton from Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, both reaching the last stage of their careers.

Now, an interesting detail about this cover is that it gives the impression that EA Sports is being far-sighted by turning Mbappé on his back, showing his number and name but without showing his shirt in detail.

It is clear that the cover shows the footballer with the clothes of his current team, but at the same time it leaves the door open in case, before the game goes on sale, Mbappé changes teams and generates a small problem for EA Sports.

This situation has also happened before. In 2018, Cristiano Ronaldo was revealed as the cover of FIFA 19, wearing the Real Madrid uniform. In the months that followed, Ronaldo was traded to Juventus, forcing them to make a major last-minute modification.

By showing Mbappé from behind with his number and name, any subsequent changes will not end up being as big or dramatic as the one that had to be made with CR7. In addition, and as an addition, presenting it from the back avoids showing the brands that sponsor the Parisian team.

FIFA 22 will go on sale on a date to be determined, but historically this occurs in the last days of September. And more details about the game will be released on July 11.

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